Croesus is a luxury streetwear & athletic brand founded December 2019; right before the pandemic.


When the pandemic hit Croesus had to quickly adjust to the new world and try to find its footing within the clothing industry with everything being digital and remote. During that time CRŒSUS slowly built itself from the ground up and found a community of people who believed in the message and were inspired by the ambition.

The name Croesus is the name of an Ancient Greek King famed for his wealthy empire.

The idea behind CRŒSUS is to be not only financially wealthy, but wealthy in all aspects such as mentally, spiritually, socially, and physically.

To have true abundance.

Croesus brings modern luxury to streetwear & athletic apparel by following the motto: 

“Produce Quality, Build Wealth, Be true to yourself”

The story continues to unfold as the years go by, but at its core, CROESUS is a brand about GROWTH & believing in yourself! We want each member of our community to feel empowered to make their own dreams come to reality, and face any challenge that comes with it. Because that is who we are, and every time you wear CRŒSUS, you’re going to be reminded of that.